WUQWATR has partnered with the University of Regina and Water Rangers to provide the Citizen Science Water Sampling Program.

WUQWATR works with Water Rangers to provide citizens in our watershed the opportunity to learn more about the health of the environment around them through hands on water sampling.

By becoming a citizen scientist and sampling our waterbodies, you will gain a better understanding of the quality of our water, share observations and data in the national Water Rangers database and contribute to an increase in scientific knowledge.

Through citizen science sampling, we can track changes in water data, monitor for potential problems, and share discoveries!

WUQWATR is always looking for more citizens in our watershed to participate in the program.

Interested in becoming a citizen scientist?

Reach out to info@wuqwatr.ca and ask for a FREE kit today!

Mosaic generously funds the Citizen Science program. It’s appreciated!