At-Home #TrashTag Challenge

Looking for something for you and your family to do during this time of social distancing?!

WUQWATR is challenging YOU to take part in an At-Home #TrashTag Challenge to win a Boost Fitness Tracker!

How to enter:1) Take a “Before” photo of your yard or area of concern where garbage has been disposed. 2) Clean-up all garbage and recyclables in your yard that have been leftover from winter—ensure to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment! Also, be sure to practice social distancing and stay within proper boundaries while cleaning up waste.3) When you are done collecting the waste, take an “After” photo of your yard with the bags of garbage collected in the frame. 4) Email both images to

This Challenge starts April 1, 2020 and ends midnight April 14, 2020. Make sure to submit BOTH images to Courtney before the end of April 14 to be entered to win the fitness tracker.

Note: One entry per family. Submission of BOTH photos equals one entry. No age limit for contest!
Winners will be announced on April 15, 2020!