WUQWATR is doing some great work this summer 2018!

On Saturday June 23, 2018   , summer student Hanna Hovland prepared and presented a very informative presentation on AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) to the We-Too Beach Rate Payers Annual meeting. She emphasized the importance of prevention and responsibility as both a boat owner and lake enthusiast as this is the only line of defense against the Zebra and Quagga mussels which have not yet invaded the lakes of Saskatchewan. It is quite prevalent in the USA and southern parts of Ontario and Quebec. 

Special thanks to Conservation Officer Mitch Porter for attending this in partnership with WUQWATR to further explain the potential seriousness of the AIS. CO Porter did a demonstration of how to properly CLEAN + DRAIN + DRY your boat overview and expressed that boats can be fined up to $580 or confiscated for decontamination if suspected to contain AIS.  

Our summer students have been hard at work scouting for Leafy Spurge in our watershed and mapping the location of this invasive plant species. Students also report the growth of Leafy Spurge to the RM’s and collect leafy spurge beetles which will help reduce plant growth up to 30%.

OUR  students are involved with the Love your Lakes program. Shoreline owners on various lakes within our watershed will be given factual information on how to improve their shorelines if they so choose. This program is free of charge and is a snapshot view of shoreline properties from the water only. A special thank you to our volunteers that will be driving our summer students around in their personal watercraft to complete this project. 

On Monday June 25, 2018, the  WUQWATR  team visited Last Mountain Lake to assist summer student Kyla Beaudry in her Natural Edge program with Carol & Tony Bouchard, property owners. We did a full day plant installing 49 native species for the Bouchard Family. Kyla created a landscape plan and educated the Bouchards’ on which native species would be appropriate to plant on their shoreline for soil type and sun exposure. It was a very hot, but successful day for both the Bouchards and the WUQWATR team. Great efforts from everyone and we will be excited to see the plant growth over the years as they mature. This program is 75% reimbursed through the Shorelines at Work in partnership with Saskatchewan Watersheds. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of these projects, please contact us at Email: wuquwatr@sasktel.net or call (306) 946-6533 and ask to speak to General Manager Melissa Bramham. Follow us at WUQWATR on Facebook and share our page with friends or folks who are interested in our watershed work.