EcoBuffers – A New Agroforestry Design Concept

An Eco Buffer is designed to protect and enhance riparian areas.

*What is an Eco Buffer:

  • 3 – 5 linear rows of a variety of native trees and shrubs planted in a narrow, dense arrangement.
  • The goal is to create a concentrated group of plants that will establish quickly providing diverse buffers that model natural hedgerows.
    Species are selected specifically for the site and eco-region.
  • EcoBuffers can be located anywhere a traditional shelte belt would be planted. This alternative design will protect soil, water, crops and livestock and it will enhance biodiversity.
  • For optimal environmental impact Eco Buffers should be connected to natural areas such as a riparian zone, wildlife corridor or wooded area.
  • In addition, Eco Buffers can be a valuable source of wood and non-forest products such as fruit.

*Information provided by Janna Lutz at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada