Invasive Weeds

Recent years have seen a growing concern about the spread of invasive weeds in our watershed. These plant species are not native, and don't have the usual biological controls, like insects and disease. The spread of weeds has a negative impact on crop production, the health of local pastures, and the natural environment. Invasive plants crowd out beneficial native plant species, and can damage habitat for birds, fish and animals.

Saskatchewan's Noxious Weeds Act requires Municipalities and landowner's to "destroy noxious weeds on their land and prevent the spread of weeds to other lands."

Municipalities across Saskatchewan are developing regional Weed Management Areas to promote co-operation in combatting invasive species and WUQWATR is working with local municipalities to assist these projects.

Invasive Weeds Fact Sheets

Common Burdock Dames Rocket Flowering Rush
Leafy Spurge Russian Knapweed Salt Cedar
Salt Cedar Fact Sheet Scentless Chamomile Spotted Knapweed
Common Tansy Yellow Toadflax