Protect Your Watershed

Our Watershed Environment 

A balanced and healthy lifestyle is required for human survival.

Natural systems also require balance so they can perform their many amazing functions, some of which include:

  • moderating weather extremes and their impacts
  • dispersing seeds
  • mitigating drought and floods
  • protecting people from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays
  • protecting stream and river channels and coastal shores from erosion. 
  • controlling agricultural pests
  • maintaining biodiversity
  • preserving soils and renewing their fertility
  • purifying the air and water
  • regulating disease carrying organisms
  • pollinating crops and natural vegetation

These functions are so fundamental to life that they are easily taken for granted, but remember, human technology is not even close to being able to replicate them.

The way we treat our land and water has huge effect on the health of our watershed. Some of the things which can damage the watershed and the surrounding environment (including the people) are:

  • runoff of herbicide, pesticides, fertilizers and animal waste
  • industrial pollution of land, water, and air resources
  • introduction of non-native or invasive species
  • over harvesting of fisheries
  • over development or destruction of wetlands and wild areas


We all depend on healthy water resources!