Wascana Riparian Health Project

May 26, 2014

Since 2012, WUQWATR has been conducting our Wascana Riparian Health project.  We have just completed the 2012-14 Part 3 Downstrem of Regina Report on our Wascana Riparian Health Assessment. This report covers the City of Regina, including Wascana Creek, Wascana Lake, and stormwater channels. It also includes the Creek upstream of Regina in the Wascana Conservation and Development area.

Wascana Riparian Assessment Report 2014 Downstream of Regina

Wascana Riparian Assessment Interim Report 2013

As well please Click Here to view the presentation given at the Wascana Riparian Health Assessment Information session held on August 20, 2014.

The Buffalo Pound Water treatment plant delivers an average of 70 million liters per day to the City of Regina. That's enough to fill 28 Olympic sized swimming pools every day.