RM of McKillop

The RM of McKillop was WUQWATR's first partner with the Love Your Lake program. 

Introductory letters were mailed to shoreline property owners on WUQWATR's behalf giving information about the project and a survey for the property owners to complete and submit.

In July and August our summer student Jacklyn was out on the boat with our volunteer boat driver.  She assessed around 360 properties.  Landowners will receive another letter in the mail giving them a code so they can access their confidential and personalized report. 

A sample report can be accessed here.  Please note it is a large pdf file and it is not printer friendly.  Only the relevant information pertaining to each property is included in the landowner's personalized report.  As well, recommendations to imporve your little slice of heaven is also included (if applicable).  These recommendations are 100% voluntary.

The Cities of Regina and Moose Jaw get all of their drinking water supply from Buffalo Pound Lake which is supplied from Lake Diefenbaker through the Qu'Appelle River.