Love Your Lake Program

What is the Love Your Lake program?

Love Your Lake is a packaged shoreline assessment and educational stewardship program that can be transferred to any shoreline community across the country. This program is developed and coordinated by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation and is delivered locally by regional partner organizations.

Who is involved?

As part of the program, Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation provide resource materials, training and support to regional partners who lead the facilitation and delivery of the program with lake organizations and shoreline property owners. The program is designed to be delivered to entire lakes.

How does it work?

Lakes participating in the program have their shorelines assessed by boat on a property-by-property basis by trained staff using a standardized Shoreline Assessment Protocol and datasheet.  Shoreline property owners will receive information about the program including an introductory letter and a values survey. Following the assessments, shoreline property owners will receive a letter with a unique survey code that they can use to order their personalized shoreline property report online. They can choose to order their report as either a free electronic PDF or as a bound hardcopy for $20.00. The report will contain information about the state of their unique shoreline and suggestions of voluntary actions they can take to improve the natural state of their shoreline. Lake organizations will also receive a lake level report, which summarizes the data collected and identifies opportunities for community stewardship activities.

Why is it important?

Shorelines are one of the most unique places on earth and people’s influences can have a huge impact on these delicate interfaces. Over 90% of all wildlife use shoreline environments during some point of their lives. Daily actions by all individuals can help conserve our lakes.  Keeping shorelines healthy and natural is the easiest way to protect water quality. This not only helps maintain or improve property values but also provides cleaner, clearer water for wildlife and for recreational activities like swimming and boating.

What about personal privacy?

Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation provide each regional partner with policies, procedures and agreements. Trained staff delivering the program in each region and volunteers from each lake organization (including program coordinators, shoreline assessors, volunteer boat drivers and data enterers) are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. All information contained in the individual shoreline property reports and lake level reports is non-regulatory.  All organizations involved in the coordination and delivery of the program take privacy issues very seriously. For more information about privacy, the complete Love Your Lake Privacy Policy can be accessed online at

How is it funded?

To date, the program has received generous support from the Rogers Foundation, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

More Information (pdf download)

Download a Sample Property Report (large file)

Download FAQ for Shoreline Property Owners

Download Program Descripton and History

Download Roles and Responsibilities

Download Saskatchewan Beach and Kannata Valley summary report

Download Humboldt Lake summary report






The City of Regina releases its treated wastewater into Wascana Creek, which flows into the Qu'Appelle River, and then downstream into the Qu'Appelle Lakes.