Aquatic Invasive Mussel Monitoring

WUQWATR has received some funding to help promote AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) education and awareness.  This funding came to WUQWARTR through the Saskatchewan Association Of Watersheds, who applied on behalf of all the waterheds in Saskatchewan to the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund.  WUQWATR has been providing Clean Drain Dry signs to resort communities and will continue to do so.  As well WUQWATR has been looking for volunteers to install and monitor substrate samplers for invasive mussels.  For more information or to be a volunteer, please contact Colleen at 306-946-6533 (email    Click here for a copy of the AIMM sampling protocol.

Also visit here for more info on Aquatic Invasive Species and the to view a risk assessment done by the Department of Fisheries.



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