Invasive Plant Control Program

Invasive Plant Control Program: Invasive weeds a growing concern

The Invasive Plant Control Program is designed to help producers, rural municipalities First Nations, and stakeholders to deal with weeds listed as
Prohibited Weeds under the Weed Control Act as well as certain noxious weeds such as:

yellow toadflax, leafy spurge,
common tansy, Russian knapweed,
field bindweed, black henbane,
common burdock, wild parsnip,
hoary cress, bladder campion,
ox-eye daisy and absinthe.

Wanted Poster

This program provides rebates for 100% chemical costs for public land and 50% for private land. Criteria for funding include having a weed inspector and
having an approved comprehensive weed management plan. For more information on this program and the required conditions to access funding please

The AEGP is willing to assist RMs within our boundaries in the creation of a weed management plan and raising rate payer awareness of invasive weeds.

Lake Diefenbaker, Buffalo Pound Lake, and the Qu'Appelle River are all part of a man- made water system constructed between the 1930s and the 1960s.